Basic Haircut // $30

  • Haircut W/O Beard Trim. Straight Razor detailed work. Shampoo and Conditioning $5.00 add on

Haircut W/ Beard Trim // $35

  • Haircut and Beard Trim , Straight Razor detailed work. Shampoo and Conditioning $5.00 add on with haircut. ***Unclean Hair will have service provided to ensure Clean and Comfortable environment for everyone.

Edge and Shave // $20

  • Maintaining the length that hair is in. Cutting New Growth. Razor Edge W/ Shave (No Fading or Blending)..Shampoo and Conditioning $3.00

Razor Head Shave // $30

  • Shampoo and Conditioning. Hot Towel, Straight Razor Shave. Add $10.00 W/ Beard Cut &Trim.

Eyebrow Arch // $10

  • Straight Razor Eyebrow Arch

Facial Cleanse // $15

  • Facial Cleansing using Hot Towel, Natural Cleansing Products.

Shampoo and Conditioning // $10

  • Basic Hair Shampoo and Conditioning. Deep Rinse $ 5.00 additional. Prices with haircut services additional $3.00

High School Young Adults // $20

  • For Basic haircut no fade #1 guard. Straight Razor optional. For Unclean Hair Shampoo and Conditioning service additional $3.00

Specialty Haircuts // $25

  • Fades, 9 to 5. For Unclean Hair Shampoo and Conditioning service additional $3.00

Junior High School & Elementary School Students // $15

  • Basic Haircuts no designs no fading. For Unclean Hair Shampoo and Conditioning services additional $3.00

Hair Color Enhancements starting @ // $20

  • Hair Coloring Services for Color Enchantments are add on services.. Price is in addition to haircut

Military Mondays Haircuts // $20

  • Veterans and Service Members. Military Spouses & in home Family Members get Military Discounts. #veterandiscounts #militarymonday #macdillafb

First Responders Tuesdays // $20

  • Firefighters, Nurses, Police, Dispatchers, EMT. #firstrespondersdiscounts

Senior Wednesdays // $15

  • The Young at Heart

Teachers Thursday // $20

  • Making our Children Future Leaders is a difficult job.

Cosmetological Experience // $50

  • World Class Service from A man that has traveled the world. Ask about details

Women's Basic Haircut // $20

  • Basic Haircut with no Blending

Women's Specialty Haircuts // $30

  • Fades, Undercuts, Blends. Hair Coloring options available at additional price.

Natural Hairstyle Haircuts starting @ // $30

  • Men and Women Natural Hairstyle Haircuts Fading and Blending.. Certain style and cuts prices may vary.

Special Needs Children and Adult Haircuts starting @ // $20

  • Patience is a virtue.. Different type of cutting option and Styles. Comfortable Environment and Patient Staff.. Certain haircuts and Styles prices may vary.

Sunday Haircuts By Appointment Only starting @ // $30

  • Sundays are available however you have make an appointment in advance... Opening at 9am Closing at 2pm Holidays Sunday Haircuts (i.e. Easter, Father's Day) Start at 50.00 Advance notice still needed. #opensunday #barbershopsopenonsundays